One Length Cut at Mizu Louis Licari!
Hello all, my name is Debbie, but I'm known as Izzy! I am an apprentice at Mizu Louis Licari Salon in Midtown NYC. I am a licensed stylist apprentice working under a master stylist named Latino hairstylist of the year in 2021 by the NHA. I'm looking for two models every Tuesday, for a BLUNT one length cut. One length examples are bobs, long bobs, and longer hair as long as I can cut it to one length. No A-lines, no face framing, no texturizing, no thinning, etc.. Just a simple blunt one length to nail down the skill of getting a perfect line. Things to note: **I MUST BE ABLE TO CUT AT LEAST 2 INCHES. I will also make suggestions based on your hair type and the health of your hair! **If you have long layers, I need to be able to cut to your shortest layer in the front to make a straight line from back to front. **If you do not provide a photo of your current cut, I will not book you. The consultation through text is very important! **Below will be examples of my previous work and what I'm looking for. If this sounds good to you, please reach out to me! If and when I book you, class will go as follows: You will be asked to sign a waiver and pay the fee at the front desk when you get there, then you can change and/or put on a robe. Once you're ready, we will begin with reiterating our conversation from text/email. My mentor will be there to listen and discuss. Then I will take you over to shampoo you. Lastly we will make our way back to the station to begin the cut. Cuts include a blow dry/styling as well, we will blow dry it straight. My instructor will come around periodically to check my work. Then you can check out at the front desk when we're done :) Here are the details in short: Models needed: 2 Class date(s): My class is every Tuesday with slots for 12 PM and 2 PM. Services provided: Shampoo with one length haircut and straight blow dry. Fees: Blow dries are free, haircuts are $35. Tip is optional :) Please reach out **THROUGH TEXT or EMAIL** and I will conduct a consultation. Please provide photos of your current cut. Thank you!
Mizu Louis Licari
New York
Female & Male
505 Park Avenue at 59th St 2nd Floor New York, NY 10022
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