Salon Apprentice

Salon Apprentice ID# 59794

Cut model and high light model wanted
***PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE SALON DIRECTLY*** My name is Taichi from BRAVE NEW YORK. I am currently searching for cut models within New York City. The prices are $20 Please contact me for further details. Thank you and I hope to see you soon. UPDATE: I am currently looking for a model that wishes to do highlights with toner. Please contact me for further details. High light model fee will be $80. Highlight model will be only my day off. *Please note: -I barely speak English, but normally have a translator with me. -Requested styles may differ in the final result depending on your hair type. -We cannot accept refunds. -Please inform us if you have any prior history of allergies to certain products or chemicals. -Please note that possibilities of delays may arise during waiting time. -Please contact me about your desired time, I’m flexible on Friday through Sunday but I’m not available until 1PM on Mondays and Wednesday and 2PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. -Please note that I don’t take 2nd time models. -Please note that our salon prioritizes our clientele rather than cut models, thus may lead to excessive reply times and scheduling. Please contact via Instagram instead of email.
New York
138 East 61st Street, Suite 203, NY, 10065